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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Real Housewives of Northwest Arkansas TV Show

I received a very hot tip today from a reliable source that casting agents and producers are scouring Northwest Arkansas for six women to appear in the newest twist of the "Real Housewives of" reality television show series.
According to the assistant to the assistant to the assistant we spoke to, the producers are hush-hush about the show being filmed in Northwest Arkansas.  According to our mole, "The executives will deny any rumors because they won't produce the show if they can't find the right girls." 
In the meantime, we're staking out the Embassy Suites in Rogers to track down the producers and casting directors of the show.  The producers are reportedly are taking up residence at the Embassy for the next couple of weeks as they sneak around the local jewelry stores and so-called trendy eateries looking for six spoiled bratty, catty, snippy, over-dressed, nipped and tucked, coiffed, and heavy make-up and jewel encrusted country-club women who personify the character of the region.
Ideally, we're being told, the chicks are local girls in their thirties or forties married to overpaid local executives, truckers, and/or chicken farmers. They are specifically avoiding real estate agents this time, we're told, because "the market stinks in Arkansas."  Instead they are trying to find women who own a trendy restaurant, a jewelry store, a boutique, or similar businesses.  Financing provided by the hubby is especially attractive, because "it makes good television."
Sounds like they'll be looking over at Pinnacle Country Club.
Hmmm....  I wonder if I could appear as their youngish boy-toy?

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